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CALL: Video/Lighting Designer Applications, 3LD

We are offering a two week, 24/7 residency with access to a lighting, sound and projection package to one of the three participants in our next Salon.
Specifically we are looking for Lighting Designers and Video Designers who have worked together before to collaborate on a five minute section of a 15 minute work in progress.
There is a stipend for participating and one of the three will be awarded a 14 day residency to rehearse, create and show new work.

3LD Salon Series 


Video Designer/Lighting Designer Teams

For our October 22, 2013 Salon Workshop


Three teams of Video Designer/ Lighting Designers

to collaborate on

a new 15-minute Work in Progress by 




to be presented to the public

at our October Salon, with a talk-back discussing the process.

……resulting in

A 14-Day Residency awarded to one of the teams for the period of 

November 25 – December 8, 2013.


Our next 3LD Salon will feature the work of three Lighting Designer/Video Designer teams, each working with choreographer Jen Webber of Decadance on 5 minutes of a 15-minute work in progress. The teams will work in our largest space, Studio A, over the course of seven days from October 13 – 22, 2013.

They will create 5 minutes of compelling video/lighting design for a narrative

hip-hop/dance piece.


Are you a video/lighting designer team? 

Have you created work that is an exceptional example of collaboration …………… which destroys the notion of “video as backdrop” within the last 5 years?


Are you available for the above workshop?


If so, and are selected to participate in this Salon, you have a one in three chance to be awarded a 14 day,  24/7 hour residency at 3LD. Please send links to samples of your work to:



You will be expected to meet with the choreographer and create 5 minutes of original video/lighting design for the piece. You will also participate on the panel on the evening of the salon on October 22. There is a stipend offered.

One team of collaborators will be awarded a 14 day,  336 hours 24/7 rehearsal/showing residency in our Studio B from November 25 – December 8, 2013.


3LD’s newly-minted Salon Series brings artists together to examine techniques and technologies being utilized in live performance. Each Salon centers around a theme, with an emphasis on the designers’ process.  For each salon, three teams of designers work with a director, writer, actors and 3LD personnel to create a piece 5 – 20 minutes in length.  The company and designers receive 24-hour access in studio time for one week to ten days, as well as a small stipend. The process culminates in a showing, followed by a panel, where approaches are discussed through audience question and answer.  The aim of the program is to encourage cross-pollination between artistic disciplines and discussion around the evolution of technology, while giving artists the chance to connect with new collaborators.