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[CALL] Seeking Female Makers/Innovators for new TV series

Attention Female Makers/Innovators!
A new TV series is looking to cast [2] dynamic, kick ass girls for a new makerspace series being developed for SyFy, NatGeo, Discovery, Science, A&E, CNBC. We have already cast 3 males and hoping to find [2] females who are ready to show the world that they can make stuff too!
This will be great forum to showcase your talent as well as flex your creative and technical muscles! You’ll be working on a team of five (3 male, 2 female) like-minded makers whom each week/episode will create awesome projects.
But this show isn’t entirely about the building process, it’s partly a fantasy space where this quirky & innovative crew builds stuff for brands, businesses and regular people…but they’re also building weird stuff for the sake of building weird stuff! Giving America an inside look into the world of innovation.
The series will be filmed in an awesome NYC Fab Lab that we will create, just for this team. Filming will take place over a 2-3 month period and truly offer the right person the opportunity of a lifetime.
If interested please reach out to:
Jessica Melz, Casting Director
Phone: 631.742.7287
Facebook: Jessica Ardito Melz
Please Answer this brief questionnaire:
1. Your name, age, location.
2. What are your skills (can you provide photos?)
3. What are your top 3 projects you’ve built, describe them and the process?
4. What’s a really crazy thing you’re dying to build and why?
5. Are there any crazy videos of you on YouTube I should check out?
6. What kind of a character would you want to be on a show like this?
7. What’s really unique about you that would make us want to have you in the show