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[CALL] Haunted Hackathon


Here is the post on our blog announcing the ‘Haunted Hackathon’ event:
The idea is that several teams of hackers, made up of folks with experience in sound art, music, development, MIR, installation work etc. will be provided space within which to construct an interactive sound art installation over the course of a day. This could be a venue for new exploration, development of an existing idea or application, or a new take on an old project in a new space with a new team of implementors.
We’re currently looking for folks that have a background in sound art/installation work to serve as ‘team leads’, to guide and advise the folks that may not have much experience in the format. A team lead could bring a proposal for a project to the table, or serve on a team realizing someone’s idea that perhaps doesn’t have much experience in sound art.
Control Group will be hosting in our office in the Woolworth Building, and will be providing several spaces to build the installations and a pool of sensors that may be used by the hackathon. We may be able to provide space for installations in the building lobby pending our negotiations with the building.
The current general schedule is:
10/25 – meet for a few hours in the evening to tour the space, assemble teams, brainstorm and plan for Saturday
10/26 – Hack on spaces and install the work
10/27 – afternoon viewing hours during which the public will be welcome to come experience the works
This will be refined as we get closer to the event.
I hope this helps provide a general overview. Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like more information.