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[GIG] Javascript / CSS Front End Engineer

Looking for a Javascript / CSS front end engineer to take on a short styling project for new features within a single-page architecture application written in angular.js and a set of existing ‘lesscss’ styling rules.  This project covers work delivered in ‘lesscss’, but it is important for the candidate to have familiarity with the underlying javascript framework as well.

The engineer will be either be given assistance in building a local copy of the development server for the application, or optionally expected to build their own environment to work with the required files.

The assets delivered to the engineer will include – source tree, existing css, a detailed pdf heavily marked up with all the design parameters (as well as psd if desired), and any prepared imagery needed for the project.  The contract is complete when the markup and styling matches the design guidelines.

Requred Skills –
responsive design
ajax/json data services
mercurial / bitbucket

Important Skills –
photoshop / gimp

Optional Skills –
python / django (optional)

If you are interested please send an email to with your resume and hourly rate