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[TEACHING] High School Coding Club Teachers

Hi all,

6 of my tech club members have decided to build an informal coding club that will meet during tech club time in my classroom, every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30.
Yesterday they had a fairly unsuccessful session trying LearnStreet and Code Academy. They have the idea to learn javascript but I think they could easily be persuaded to learn Processing. They need a human or even a few humans to sit with them.
They are an enthusiastic bunch – 3 boys and 3 girls as it just happened to work out… if anyone would be interested in a few weeks – I could offer experience, references and resources from my magic supply closet (generally not electronics – but art supplies and odds and ends from Materials for the Arts trips) and of course snacks.
No need for “lessons” – they are just hungry to learn! I will always be around but juggling different tasks.