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[JOB] Product Design and Technology Specialist, Kickstarter

Contact Stephanie Pereira if you are interested (
Project Specialist – Design & Technology Job Description

We’re looking for people passionate about supporting their creative communities to join our growing team of Project Specialists. Each day, hundreds of creators submit their projects to Kickstarter. A Kickstarter Project Specialist reviews every submission, providing feedback, answering questions, and working with creators to make sure projects meet our guidelines. Project Specialists help guide new and returning creators as they prepare to share their projects with the world.


  • You consider yourself a hacker or a maker.

  • As part of the design and technology community you are especially attuned to how your community thinks about and uses Kickstarter.

  • You’re an excellent writer, an empathic communicator, and are at your best when helping others.

  • You have a broad understanding of the creative process and how Kickstarter fits into that process.

  • You’ve made things before and know what it’s like to be a creator.

  • You have a background that encompasses bringing a design to life: everything from the initial creative process, to project management, to supply chain techniques.

  • Bonus:

    • You have had previous community building experience.
Email: jobs@kickstarter with resume and a note about why you want this job / should have this job.