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[GIG] Collaborators, Tech Start Up

Good day!

I met an ITPer at the NY ED Tech start up weekend – I was there to pitch my idea and more importantly to seek out team members/ collaborators to build it out. I do not have the technical skills to go beyond the conceptual phase.
I am working on a teaching platform for exercise and movement techniques which is modular scalable and able to give and receive feedback from the user. The “lessons” are vocation specific and holistic. i would like the opportunity to present my project to your department.  My hope is that I can find passionate talented technologists who want to join my team.
Looking for tech savvy persons experienced in
  • Design
  • Model and web based application development
  • Knowledge of integration of wearable fitness device integration, a plus
  • Passion for health and fitness, a plus
  • Marketing
  • Innovation
It is not currently a paid position because I am literally putting together a company. I’m looking for tech partners. And yes ultimately I want to bring the products to market/monetize.
All the best, Emory M. Moore Jr.