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[GIG] Writer for K-12 Media Studies Curriculum, Ross School

Ross School is an international lab school located in East Hampton, NY, providing innovative education to students from grades K-12. Ross Institute is currently in the process of refining and publishing the Ross curriculum and is looking for talented, creative, forward thinking writers with a background in new media and media studies to help weave media and technology more thoroughly into the curriculum. Think of it as ITP or MIT for K-12.

This process is currently underway, so we need a writer ASAP (March 2014). Our aim is to complete the curriculum writing process by June, but other opportunities are possible for those interested in helping us lead the way in media and technology education. The writing can be completed remotely with on-line meetings and occasional in-person meeting. Please send your resume and a cover letter describing your philosophy in regard to K12 media studies as well as availability to