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[Job] Virtual Island Development

We are looking for a development team that can help us make a virtual island for children. The idea is to make something where children from different nations can meet and interact.  We have been looking at Second Life and Habbo Hotel for inspiration, but we do not want to be constrained by this, we are open to suggestions.


Technical Description
A MMO for children (ages 6-12) based on an island.
We expect a tens of millions users to register and a high repeat rate.
The servers need to be reachable from multiple international locations.  Users will be from three different countries. Servers need to be hosted in the US, Europe or India.  Scalability is important.  Snapshots of the whole state are needed (to be able to recreate the whole system at any point in time)
User access can be a pc standalone, a mobile version, tablet, and or web interface.
Sound from the island is played on the user’s end.  It must be synced or close to synced for real-time events.
Known characteristics
1)      The users can make objects and architecture
a.       Obviously we need a simple object construction system.  Users can also upload pictures.
2)      The users can have their own private or semi-public space ( as in their own room, see habbo hotel )
a.       The user can acquire pre-made objects (such as furniture) and place them inside their own.
b.      No theft possible
3)      The users can interact with each other
a.       Users can chat with each other or a room
b.      Chat needs a very large emoji library. (We will be creating this)
c.       Users can give each other items.
d.      Users can send each other messages

4)      Users upload a headshot and this is used to create their avatar:

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 9.12.37 AM

(this is just a draft to illustrate avatar)

5)      There is a strong community aspect.
a.       We create games for the users
b.      We create contests
c.       We have a news/announcement system
d.      We need to have a strong monitoring system so that the admins can protect the users from unwanted activity.
e.      Users can have friends
f.        Users can form teams
g.       There will be elections so we need a voting system.
6)      There are public spaces
a.       Places to exhibit art (both pre-made by us and created or uploaded by the users)
b.      Places to interact.  Those that invite chatting, or doing activities together
c.       Places for public events as in a movie screening or lecture.
7)      System needs an api of sorts
a.       We plan on using real time data about the system to make generative art so we need access to this.
8)      System needs to expand

a.       This is a multi-year project so we will be adding things to it over time, some of them which we haven’t imagined yet.  So we have to create the initial infrastructure to accommodate this in the future

Timing, stages
                We plan on rolling this out with a very basic functionality and then add on the rest of features over time.
                We have very little time to roll out the first version so we need to plan accordingly.
I can be contacted at  or at 917-822-1772