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[INTERN] Interactive Developer Intern, Red Paper Heart

Interactive Developer Intern

Red Paper Heart is looking for a motivated and eager to learn coder with a sense for design and motion. You’ll be working with a small team of coders and designers and you should be comfortable solving all kind of crazy problems we might throw at you, as well as integrating amazing assets from designers. Code is focused on real world installations and prototyping, but web, mobile, physical computing, and database interfacing are all on the table as well. Most production code will be in C++, so be familiar, or at least know your basics.

Must Haves:
Experience with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), ability to work with other coders and version control systems (git), great creative problem solving skills

Big Plus:
Experience with C++, specifically Cinder or openFrameworks, Processing, Arduino

You’ll be making beautiful things here, so in addition to a link to your portfolio, please include a link to a piece of art that particularly speaks to you and maybe a sentence or two why.

This is a paid internship with a duration of 3 months starting immediately.
US residents only.

Please include a link to your online portfolio with a description of your role for each piece.

Please email: