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[GIG] Video Designer, 3LD Production

Designer Grant McDonald is currently seeking multiple Design Assistants for a highly technical production at 3 Legged Dog Art and Technology Center. Deepest Man, written by James Scruggs and directed by Mark Rayment is a 15+ projector production featuring cutting edge Musion Eyeliner “holographic” technology. Designers from all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to apply.
Applicants will:
– Be available and at 3LD about 3 times a week through the tech process (April 1-May 22, with option to stay on as operator).
– Assist with alterations to assets in After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere during tech.
– Cultivate a storehouse of relevant stock footage and transcode existing assets into projection standard codecs.
– Understand and be able to execute start up and shut down procedure in advance of/following tech
– Assist the crew with the hanging, cabling, focusing, refocusing of the projectors.
– Sit in on design meetings and assist with the generation of new ideas
– Select office duties – scheduling, fielding phone calls, responding to emails and making equipment runs during tech.
To apply, please contact
More on Grant McDonald at
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