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[JOB] Biomedical Software Engineer, Evoke Neuroscience

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Biomedical Software Engineer – job posting


Job Title: Biomedical Software Engineer


Company: Evoke Neuroscience


We are looking for a hard-core C++ coder with good object-oriented design sense who has around 3+ years of software development experience in a team environment, with an express interest in physiological signals and wearable devices Experience with mobile application development and GUI’s is also highly desirable.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • strong C++ skills including real-time and multi-threaded applications.
  • experience with the planning and design of large software projects including documentation, specific SDLC methodologies, common design patterns, and test-driven development.
  • at least a MS in computer science or equivalent experience (PhD preferred).
  • familiarity with at least one of Matlab, C#, Java, Objective-C.
  • EEG, ERP, ECG data analysis and signal processing algorithm & coding experience



  • experience with Android and iOS app development
  • proficiency with Qt
  • familiarity with SQL database design and queries
  • experience with Subversion or other version control system
  • experience with real-time signal processing of electrophysiology including EEG, ERP, ECG.
  • Ability to create C++ graphics-based software with at least a somewhat sophisticated look-and-feel; should be able to demonstrate examples of their own software directly or through screen shots and documentation.
  • Has demonstrable experience with design and development of multithreaded software.
  • Demonstrates testing experience and a focus on quality
  • Has strong confidence and pride in the reliability of their code
  • Has a basic understanding of web application technology and related protocols
  • Ability to create technical documentation, possibly test-related documentation and ask questions about requirements documentation so as to find gaps and flaws thereof (example: “the requirements say what the system does when the user does X, but if the user does Y what does the system do then?”)
  • Good working knowledge of complete system design methodology
  • Demonstrates a passion for “tinkering” in their spare time – perhaps they run a website that promotes a hobby, perhaps they develop code for a small video game product or an open source project of some kind.
  • Team focus



  • strong artistic design sense
  • experience with data analysis, research, and validation
  • experience with EE and circuit design
  • familiarity with Bluetooth communication
  • familiarity with microcontrollers
  • familiarity with HIPAA compliance
  • experience with FDA submission




Company Description:
Evoke Neuroscience is a next-generation medical-grade physiology  hardware & software manufacturer and data analysis service provider. By developing patented & patent-pending processes and technology, Evoke provides research validated proprietary hardware and software and data analysis. Evoke’s methods and technologies are based upon electrophysiological measurement and data analysis (EEG, ERP and ECG) and provide easy-to-implement products for clinical and research applications.

As an employee of Evoke Neuroscience you will enjoy working with an energetic, innovative and highly intelligent team who are at the top of their respective fields. Evoke prides itself on developing and nurturing the talents of our employees. In doing so, we encourage our employees to develop relationships with our clients. Our people and their knowledge are our most valuable assets. Also vital to our company is the protection of our confidential information, client goodwill, and intellectual property rights in this very competitive world.

You will be working with a team of software engineers to develop and support the company’s rapidly expanding flagship product – the Brain Interface Assessment & Training (BIAT) system – its associated data analysis services as well as new consumer wearable technologies and biofeedback devices. Your work will include improving and expanding the BIAT system, developing and validating the data analysis tools suite, responding to client support requests and bugs, researching new data analysis methods and signal processing algorithms and developing apps for client use. You will be involved in the full software development life cycle on existing products and new mobile applications, have opportunities to research exciting new tools and data analysis techniques, and see clearly the benefit that your work has for our clients. You will work closely with the team lead, as well as with off-site engineers, and will report directly to the CSO.