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[INTERN] Visual Impact Design Internship, UNICEF

UNICEF is seeking talented graphic designers to collaborate with the Digital Strategy Section in UNICEF New York’s HQ to support either emergency affected countries with creating visual graphics related to the issues they are facing or supporting global initiatives that have been named priorities for the organization.  The individual must have a significant understanding for international affairs and be prepared to work with others from different parts of the world and in different time zones.  The potential candidate must also be skilled at turning key facts or figures into compelling visual content that has been shared widely or critically praised.  The individual(s) chosen will not only work with specific country offices or a project manager, but also the Digital Strategy’s team lead designer, Olivier Marie.  The intern will be asked to work remotely with periodic visits to the office for important meetings or major briefs.  A resume or portfolio will be asked to view before selection and timing for the internship are flexible.


Approximately 4 to 5 interns are being potentially required.  Would also want them to be familiar with photoshop, etc.  Though I am SURE they would be.
All students can participate.  You never know, if the students do a good job, potentially jobs might come from them. Though these contracts might come from the offices themselves or project managers if the graphics and data visualization are excellent.  It might lastly want to be said that the visual designs will be used extensively for : social media channels, website, e newsletters, etc.  We are within the Digital Strategy team here in NY and manage all social media channels and website, as well as leading on video production.


Feel free to include all students, recent grads too, though initially the internship will be unpaid- though there might be a chance of a stipend from the office or project manager, should they have the money for that.  This wouldn’t be more than approximately $2400.00 though.


Nicholas Ledner <>