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[CALL] Four year, fully funded ITP-ish PhDs in England available

Formidable Brains of ITP –

My school is recruiting again for PhDs.

These are four year, fully funded placements – about $27,000 a year, tax free, with no course fees. The overall theme is “My Life in Data” and the suggested research areas are:

  • Communities, identities and place
  • Curating travellers’ identities
  • Digital identities for personalised media experiences
  • Introducing a social perspective to future digital identity products
  • Data analytics for digital identity
  • The contextual footprint at work
  • Augmenting fast-moving consumer goods in the home to support sustainable living
  • Personal data to encourage wellbeing.

I loved my PhD program, my colleagues and the school – the program very much fits with the ethos and aesthetics of ITP. I strongly encourage you all to apply. Unlike a US PhD, there is no teaching component, which allows the degree to be a comparatively short 4 years. There are other monies you can tap into for travel and materials for your research; the school is very open-handed. Nottingham is a very nice place to do a degree. It’s a smallish town (300,000) that’s less than 2 hours from London, rent is cheap, and there’s a great burger joint run by an American. There’s a local airport that flies to most cities in Europe, often quite cheaply. If you want to bring your spouse and children, there are visa provisions for that. Plus, once you finish the degree, you can stay in Britain for an additional year without work restrictions, giving you enough time to locate other ways of staying in Europe, if you so desire. As for healthcare, you are covered by the NHS the moment you set foot in the country.

Please ping me off-list if you have questions or you know you want to apply.

Yr. obt. svt.,

Gilad L. Rosner <>