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[CALL] Animated Videos

I am excited to tell you about a really great event that I’m putting together.
I recently completed a music video for the talented SWF and his song “Turtle Brain.”  We’re premiering the video at this event, SWF will be playing a live set and we’d love to showcase some other amazing animated music videos from local artists.  We’re looking to have animation that is in harmony with the vibe already created by Stevie’s music.  Here is a link to his Sound Cloud so you can get an idea of what he’s all about.
We’re looking for work that is high in vibration, inspired by spiritual journeys, made with a joy for beauty and life and from the heart.  We’re not looking for dreary super artsy dark head scratching pieces.  We’d also like to stay away from things that are too commercially based.  I think that’s enough to give you an idea.
We are also looking for two VJ’s to be included in the lineup who will play along with Stevie’s live set and another musician which is yet to be decided.
The event will be on Wed June 11th and go from 7-11pm.  It will be held at The Ark, which is a center dedicated to the Sacred Arts in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Everyone’s name and website will be going out in all of the promotional material.  In addition it will be a great opportunity to meet people who love music and animation.  We’re considering making the event donation based and we’re still figuring out logistically how to compensate all the artists.  If your work is selected we’ll give you the details as they develop.  Our main priority is to the share the video and your videos with as many people as possible and have a fun night.  If that sounds good to you we’d love to welcome your participation.
To submit your work send me ( a link to the videos that you’d like to have considered, a short bio (like super short), and your website address.  If your work is chosen you’ll receive a notification/congratulations!
Thank you for participating!