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[CALL] Applications for Cinema Research Institute Fellowships

Applications for Cinema Research Institute Fellowships are now open! Round One applications will be accepted through June 2.

  • 2012 Fellow Claire Harlam’s Virtual Toolbox has been launched and written up in the Spring 2014 NYU Research Digest.
  • 2013 Fellows Michael Gottwald and Josh Penn found traction on Indiewire thanks to their excellent and in-depth blogging. We’ve since published their white paper – Grassroots Campaigns/Grassroots Distribution – in the online CRI Journal.
  • The 2014 Fellows are in the process of applying their research to the development of apps and websites to serve a variety of audiences – from exhibitors to underserved communities. Fellows’ blogs are available on the CRI website; Artel Great’s research and socially-conscious mission has been featured on Indiewire, and Colin Whitlow’s film index research has been featured on Slated.
In 2015, the Cinema Research Institute will award up to 3 research & development fellowships to individuals or teams interested in the conception, development and execution of new models and tools of film finance, marketing, and distribution. CRI Fellows will use their creative, strategic, and research skills, both individually and collectively, to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of the ever-changing film industry.

All interested individuals and teams are welcome to apply for the CRI Fellowship. Applicants may 1) propose research to examine independent film finance, marketing, and distribution models on a national and/or global scale for film, television, and other media; 2) develop an innovative idea to address a specific problem; or 3) demonstrate a proof of concept. Applicants may also submit a proposal to further work on existing CRI research projects.

Regardless of the developmental stage of the idea, appropriate candidates are academically and creatively accomplished individuals from a wide variety of disciplines. Successful applicants will receive up to $25,000 for their yearlong Fellowship (January – December 2015), during which time they will be introduced to industry mentors, have the opportunity to test their hypotheses and propose solutions, engage with academic and industry advisors, and publish their findings in the Cinema Research Institute Journal.

More information about the CRI Fellowship Application, and about the CRI, can be found here:

Questions and applications should be directed to