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[JOB] User Interface Programmer, ETHOINFORMATICS

ETHOINFORMATICS is the application of “next-generation” data collection and analysis techniques in animal behavior and ecology research. A common challenge for many scientific disciplines is to facilitate the collection and aggregation of complex data into repositories capable of supporting broad-scale and comparative analyses. This is certainly the case for field-based behavioral and ecological research, where comparative work is hindered by a lack of standardization and transparency in data collection and management practices across research groups and by a lack of advanced tools to facilitate data collection in the field. The ETHOINFORMATICS project aims to address these challenges in part by developing new software tools for the collection, management, migration, and long-term archiving of data using modern web interface and data collection protocols.

**Position Description**
The ETHOINFORMATICS development team is currently seeking a user interface programmer for development of browser-based application for deployment on a variety of mobile devices (Android and iOS) with database back-end. The application is a data-gathering interface for researchers studying animal behavior and ecology in remote environments. The interface will be developed for tablet devices using PhoneGap/Cordova, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Must be fluent in client-side JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and PhoneGap. Familiarity with HTML5 Canvas, D3.js, paper.js, or other graphical UI library for HTML5 helpful as well. Application will store data offline in a local cache, and connect to a geospatial database implemented in PostgreSQL/PostGIS server via couchDB or other noSQL database, so the ideal applicant should be comfortable interfacing with those back-end environments, in collaboration with a database administrator.

Related experience in building any of the following would be useful: data gathering for census, survey collection, in-the-field data collection. Also relevant: mobile gaming and interactive apps in HTML5 (Canvas); storage/analysis of GIS data and linkage of geospatial databases to other open source software.

Interest in and familiarity with animal behavior/zoology/psychology research is a plus!

This work can be performed remotely, but will require regular contact with project members in Austin, NYC, and St. Louis. May require occasional extended work hours or on-call obligation.

**To Apply**
Submit a letter of interest in the position and a resume of relevant experience to Please include a link to your website/online portfolio, and specifically point out 2-3 mobile UI projects you have worked on.