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[JOB / TEACHING] Adjunct Faculty Hiring Needs, Citytech’s Entertainment Technology Department

Adjunct Faculty Hiring Needs For Fall, 2014

Last updated: June 4, 2014 by John Huntington

Citytech’s Entertainment Technology Department is looking for several adjunct professors to teach in the fall semester, 2014. You can find more information about the department on:

Bachelor’s degree or higher required. Please email your specific course interest and resume to:

The fall semester starts August 28, and ends December 22, 2014. The full academic calendar is available here:

Here are the available courses, descriptions, and meeting days/hours:

ENT 1102 HLTH/SAFE IN PRODUCT Thursday 9:00:00 AM 9:50:00 AM

A survey of hazards specifically associated with working in theaters and fabrication shops. Topics include chemicals in pigments and polymer plastics; vapors, fumes and ventilation; shop conditions; proper preparation and planning; current

OSHA and EPA standards; hazards associated with welding; firearm safety; fire codes. Course is to be taken in the first year as an entertainment technology major. Prerequisite: None

ENT 1103 ELECT LIVE ENTERTAIN Saturday 10:00:00 AM 10:54:00 AM

An introduction to and overview of the use of electricity in live entertainment. Voltage, current, power and resistance are introduced, and power and Watts’ laws are covered, using practical examples from the entertainment field. Power generation and distribution, three-phase power and the National Electric Code sections pertaining to live entertainment are covered.

Specific applications for lighting, sound, video, scenic automation will be used throughout the class.

ENT 1110 SCENIC CONSTRUCTION Thursday 6:00:00 PM 9:20:00 PM

A survey of scenery, display and exhibit construction methods involving materials, equipment, counterweight rigging and performance/exhibit spaces. Introduces the use of shop tools and safety procedures, scenery flat construction, stairs, soft goods and platform units. Students will read working drawings and prepare projects by working in teams. Basic repair and maintenance procedures for equipment and spaces as used in the scenery process will also be investigated.

ENT 1190 Intro Video Production Monday/Wednesday 12:00:00 PM 1:40:00 PM

Introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings and practice, students will learn the basics of all stages of production inclusive of the processes of forming and working in production management teams,creating effective production aesthetics in pre-production and production stages, scriptwriting and storyboarding, cinematography aesthetics (lighting and camera), and design and graphics functions in editing. Students will explore several modes of communication such as commercials, public service announcements, fictive works, documentary and journalism and learn how to convey information and messages to a target audience.

ENT 1203 Elect Live Ent Lab Saturday 2:00:00 PM 3:47:00 PM

Hands on lab reinforcing and extending the entertainmentrelated electrical concepts covered in ENT 1103, Basic Electricity for Live Entertainment. Students will gain hands-on experien e with live entertainment electrical technologies, learn to use basic measurement tools and test equipment, while extending their understanding of the electrical concepts introduced in ENT 1103. Specific labs will be drawn from entertainment fields of lighting, sound, video, and scenic automation.

ENT 1270 SOUND TECHNOLOGY Monday/Wednesday 12:00:00 PM 1:40:00 PM

ENT 1270 SOUND TECHNOLOGY Wednesday/Friday 6:00:00 PM 7:40:00 PM

An introduction to the use of sound in entertainment, its natural properties and physical components. Topics include microphones, recording equipment, control consoles, reproduction techniques, amplification, distribution, loudspeaker systems, frequency response, decibels and dynamic range. Live and recorded sound techniques and the assembly of small audio systems from diagrams.

ENT 2120 Technical Production Skills Monday/Wednesday 2:30:00 PM 5:00:00 PM

Supervised laboratory in the technical areas of production. Handson experience in the planning, construction, rigging and running of productions to learn backstage procedures and operations in a performance situation.

ENT 2140 BASIC WELDING Monday/Wednesday 6:00:00 PM 8:30:00 PM

Study of welding techniques including MIG and electric arc welding, use of circuit and current controls, protective devices and care of equipment and accessories. Metallurgical considerations, electrode and base metal, electrode classifications and welding symbols. Carbon arc welding, oxy-acetylene cutting, MIG, physical testing and analysis of weld specimen are included.

ENT 3320 Technical Production Tuesday/Thursday 2:30:00 PM 5:30:00 PM

For Fall 2014: Need professors to oversee scenery construction and installation. Supervised laboratory in the technical areas of production. Handson experience in the planning, construction, rigging and running of productions to learn backstage procedures and operations in a performance situation. Emphasis placed on careful pre-planning, appropriate safety procedures and on followup critiques and evaluation of the work done. Assignments will be made on the basis of the ability and the prior achievements of each student, assuring a variety of work experiences. Each succeeding semester will involve a greater degree of production responsibility.

IMT 1101 Emerging Media Foundation Wednesday/Friday 6:00:00 PM 7:40:00 PM

An introduction to interactive multimedia technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project based, cooperative learning.  Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of the interactive Media Technologies design process: idea development, presentation, prototyping and production, which will serve them in the face of rapid changes in technology.  Students will explore basic theoretical and applied concepts of audio, visual, tactile and interaction design through creative group projects, visiting professionals and on-line documentation of their work.

MTEC 1001 Media Design Skills Lab Monday/Wednesday 8:30:00 AM 9:45:00 AM

MTEC 1001 Media Design Skills Lab Wednesday/Friday 8:00:00 PM 9:15:00 PM

One of a series of one-credit workshops that offer supportive training in current technology, and tools in imaging, video, animation, sound, computational systems, physical computing controls, and project management. Multiple short workshops are offered each semester, and students from any skills lab level may select from the offerings, based on availability, advisement, and capabilities. Workshops may include but are not limited to Image Workshop, Time Workshop, Sound Workshop, Control Workshop, Systems Workshop, and Management Workshop. The facultysupported, workshop environment encourages self-learning, which will help students stay relevant in the face of rapid technological change.

MTEC 1003 Media Computation Skills Lab Monday/Wednesday 8:30:00 AM 9:45:00 AM

MTEC 1003 Media Computation Skills Lab Tuesday/Thursday 6:00:00 PM 7:15:00 PM

MTEC 1005 Tangible Media Skills Lab Monday/Wednesday 10:00:00 AM 11:15:00 AM