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[CALL] EPA ORISE fellowship on citizen science (in DC)

The innovation team in EPA’s Office of Research and Development is recruiting for an ORISE fellowship on citizen science.


We are looking for a bright, motivated, extroverted person to help EPA programs, regions and research laboratories use citizen science approaches (i.e., How can it bolster the work of EPA programs?  How can it generate useful environmental monitoring information?  How can EPA scientists use it in research projects?  How can we incorporate it into environmental education?)


Candidates need a PhD or Masters degree within the last 5 years and some relevant experience and interest in citizen science.   The position is in DC.  Additional details can be found at: .   Dr. Kevin Kuhn ( can also answer questions.


We are not requiring a geoscience degree and are working with ORISE to change the language on the posting to something more broad, i.e. environmental sciences.  In the end, we are really hoping to find great people with interest and experience in citizen science.  An interest in the intersection between policy and science would also be a huge plus.





Jay Benforado

Deputy Chief Innovation Officer

EPA Office of Research and Development