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[JOB] HAVAS Chicago opportunities

I am reaching out because we recently won a huge account for which we’re doing a big re-invigoration of their brand, largely tied in to very stylized and artistic design. Rather than hire people into the usual agency structure, we’re actually creating a separate work space called the Annex; it’s going to be in a converted retail warehouse in West Town area of Chicago; and we plan to do cool things in the lobby – ranging from a pop-up record shop or tattoo parlor to an art gallery showcase. We’re looking to hire a number of creative thinkers with non-traditional experience (translation: not necessarily from an advertising degree/background). 

This new client has a big emphasis on “maker culture” and all things creative. For this reason, we’ll be hiring a team of people ranging from fashion designers and photographers to welders, sculptors or improv performers. We want to put them all together and see what kind of cool, creative and innovative ideas people with these varying points-of-view could come up with when they combine forces. I should also note that the Annex will primarily be focused on millennial marketing; and will essentially be viewed as an idea generation lab for marketing to millennials in an authentic way. Another cool thing about this scenario is that we very much will still encourage outside creative passions. We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to sell out of their creative passions in order to take a steady paycheck and benefits with us.

If any recent NYU graduates come to mind you think would be interested in this type of opportunity, please send them my way!  Candidates would need to be based in Chicago or be willing to make a move.


Heather Hayden
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Office Havas Worldwide Chicago, 36 E. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
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