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[GIGs] Two potential gigs for current/recent ITP students

Hey. I’m doing recruiting of some student/recent graduate talent for a couple of interesting projects.

Gig #1: A friend of mine wants to make a smart asthma inhaler. Not a super-duper smart one that has a GPS and particulate sensors, but a super simple cheap one that just helps kids use their inhalers correctly. I think it’s actually a decent idea. He has no idea about hardware and would like someone to help him make a prototype that he can show investors. He can probably pay something, but not for a professional engineering company. This seems like a reasonable hardware portfolio project for a current/past student.

Gig #2: One of my colleagues is looking for someone to implement a responsive Web UI for a project that around (I believe) visualization of speech information and training a conversational machine learning system. All the usual “web front end” skills are useful, and they’re using Angular, though they’re OK with someone who is otherwise cool not knowing it and coming up to speed quickly at the beginning. PARC pays real money, though not as much as Google, but with the upside of working with real scientists at PARC.

Is there a process of getting the word out about these? You can just forward this message to a student/alum list and have folks contact me at