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[JOB] Technical Director, Second Story (Portland)

Position description


Second Story conceptualizes, designs, and develops interactive media experiences

that enchant, inform, and entertain, pioneering new ways to inspire wonder and

connect audiences to stories, ideas, and information. Our studio is intensely

collaborative and collegial across all disciplines. We strive for an atmosphere in

which the work is paramount, but where individual effort can also shine. We all

share a love for storytelling and a desire to make great things. What animates

Second Story is the devotion to building experiences that inspire wonder, drive

action, and create delight.

Second Story is looking for a Technical Director to lead the Portland studio’s technical team. We are

seeking an experienced technologist with a passion for managing teams, growing talent, and using

both new and existing technologies to deliver groundbreaking user experiences through our lab-driven

process. We are looking for someone passionate about the convergence of art and technology who

agrees that ‘improvisation is the mechanism for adaptation’ and who continuously asks why,

understanding that ‘just because we can, doesn’t mean we should’.

The Technical Director is a passionate do’er and a technologist at heart, savvy in applying process

methodology to warrant quality deliveries and able to help concept, implement, and take the lead on

technology. S/he is a leader and thought provoker, a mentor and coach who is comfortable managing

an established, experienced technology team.

The Technical Director supports the Technical Leads in delivery of all media experiences and lab

initiatives, working with the Portland leadership team to ensure technology choices and execution

inform and match creative vision, schedule, and budget.

The Technical Director is responsible for the professional growth of the technical team, enabling

Technical Leads to act as crucial links in defining what’s possible and what’s next for the studio. S/he

ensures the technical team works as an equal collaborator within interdisciplinary project teams of

designers, producers, and engineers.

The Technical Director is responsible for optimal operational efficiencies of the technical team,

informing and matching resources to tasks, planning staffing and recruiting, facilitating regular

communication on progress, and proactively resolving issues and process bottlenecks. The Technical

Director is a core member of the studio who collaborates with teams of designers, producers, and

strategists. Day-to-day tasks include working with developers and producers to inform estimates,

working with developers to produce production plans, ensuring production plans are followed and

continue to match creative vision and project scope, and working with teams to adjust as necessary.



• An effective communicator and collaborator with a proven history of successful

collaboration with designers, producers, developers, engineers, fabricators, and contractors.

• An experienced manager with 5+ years of experience leading technology teams in

interdisciplinary creative environments. Comfortable growing both senior and junior team

members, managing contractors, and taking a lead role in defining and warranting best

practices in software engineering.

• A software engineer with 10+ years of experience building interactive experiences in a

combination of languages: c++, c#, java, actionscript, javascript, python, and php.

• A technology-agnostic software architect who shows an understanding of the value of

building experiences within frameworks, with an aversion to reinventing the wheel.

• A practical, pragmatic innovator whose solutions elicit responses that justify the effort

and expense.

This is an exceptional opportunity for a rewarding career to inform, inspire, educate, enchant, and

entertain audiences through diverse projects for influential cultural institutions and select brands.

This position is located in Portland, Oregon, with a very competitive, comprehensive salary and a

benefits package that includes medical, dental, disability, employer-contributed 401(k), and

professional development funds.

Please send your resume and your portfolio to