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[GIG] Urgent request from Swedish filmmaker for Face Capturing Session

I am a Swedish documentary filmmaker who will be shooting a short film upstate New York for nine days, beginning on Saturday. In one of the scenes I would like to film a 3D facial expression capturing session, where the main character is getting these red LED-lights installed in her face and then you see her move her face, and on a nomitor/computer screen next to her you will see an animated face make the same movements ”live”, like in this film clip:
But the animated face are supposed to be much simpler and graphical. More just some grid lines or something, not with the whole goofy thing going on.
But, that part is less important. I need to find a person who would have access to this technique and willing to help me.
The company where the video is from is way too expensive. We are basically on like a zero budget, and need to find like an enthusiast that could come up to where we film for a day, or we come down to NYC for a day, and use his/her own equipment and laptop, and think it would be fun to be part of the scene. It is more the visual aspect of the capturing with the red LED:s that is important. and that you see an animated face on a screen that makes the same movement.
I am just thinking it must exist someone who could do this, or knows what the technique is called with that exact equipment, or a student or someone who would be happy to help in and indy film production.
We have looked into the possibility of building our own LED-light rig as well, but find it difficult. Do you know someone who could possibly help us in this emergency situation?
Thankful for all the help I could get.
You can  call me at (347)5307875.
The shooting day would be between 18th and 26th of October up in callicoon. Or possibly In New York City. We will cover travel expenses and food.
Marcus Lindeen
FASAD Productions AB
SVT – National Swedish Television