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[GIG] Experience Design for Theme Park Simulation Ride, Lucas Werthein


Our studio is working on a theme park simulation ride that will take visitors and guests through an amazing experience that will involve high end mechanical motions bases, special effects, a 5K imax screen and a great story.

We are looking for someone to help us over the next three months.


We are searching for someone with the following skillsets:
– Electronics savvy (not an EE, but able to wire up relays and I/O boxes, etc).
– Tech and Mechanically inclined; can use drills, dremels, can put equipment in A/V racks and cable everything up. Doesn’t mind grunt work such as unpacking and packing equipment.
– AutoCAD; can draw basic electrical schematics, A/V rack layouts.
– Video and projection experience
– Writing skills a good bonus, for creating documentation.

1 and 2 are the most important, 3 (AutoCAD) would help me out greatly. This isn’t actually theatrical work, but it’s a mix of theatrical and A/V technology, with a little IT mixed in.

Needs to be able to work at least three days a week from Very Soon to mid January. Ideally, this person would then go down with us to Brazil from mid-January to mid-February (expenses paid, of course).


Please get in touch with these two people: