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[JOB] Pitch Interactive, Data Visualization Engineers

We are a data visualization studio looking to hire and wanted to see if there is anyway we can have our job posting link in a newsletter that goes out to students or a job board somewhere we can have it posted on your campus.
We know that your school produces some of the best for our field of work and thought it’d be a great opportunity to put out there.
The link is:
Full-Stack Data Visualization Engineer

We’re looking for one junior or one senior full-stack engineer to join our small and close-knit team in Oakland.

What we’re looking for
  • Possess demonstrative experience with front-end web technologies.
  • Much of our current work is web-based so it’s pretty important that you have experience with HTML5, Canvas, SVG, JavaScript, and D3. If you’ve got a portfolio or GitHub repository, we’d love to to take a peek. Processing, Cinder and/or OpenFrameworks are a definite plus.
  • Know your way around at least one back-end language such as PHP, Python, or Node.
  • It’s tough to have a good front-end without a good back-end.
  • Interest or passion for data visualization.
  • Definitely bonus points if you have experience in the industry but if not, you should at least know what you’re getting yourself into and be excited about it.
Roles & Responsibilities
Junior Engineer

Support the development of narrative-driven and interactive data visualizations that could be implemented across different mediums from web to mobile to physical installation. Your day-to-day will consist of lots of munging data, creative coding, and problem-solving.

Senior Engineer

Lead development on all of our data visualization projects. You’ll be responsible for projects from beginning to end while working with our designers and project manager to define scope and ensure that projects are delivered as promised.

Our process blends engineering and design so expect to actively engage both sides of your brain. You’ll be thinking about creating visual elements through code, manipulating lots of data, leveraging different APIs, applying design principles, building effective user interfaces, and developing data-driven stories.

Think you’re a good fit?

Send along your resume to, indicate which position you’re applying for, and tell us what your favorite non-Pitch Interactive data visualization is and why.