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[JOB] Senior Front-End Engineer, The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast delivers award-winning original reporting and sharp opinion from big personalities in politics, pop culture, world news and more.  Fiercely independent, our stories are infused with irreverent intelligence.  We are an IAC company, located in their stunning headquarters on Manhattan’s West Side.  The Daily Beast is in the process of transforming our publication’s technology stack to allow for flexibility and experimentation, and we looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer.

The technology team is full of intelligent and enthusiastic engineers, focused on delivering the best experience for our readers.  We are constantly evolving our skills and practices, and are not afraid to experiment.  “Code as craft” is a mantra around here, and we believe in solving problems as a team.  We recognize that learning from each other to grow our individual skills is the way to build the best software possible, and to thrive professionally.

We are looking for an engineer who not only writes readable, efficient code, but can help evolve the team’s process and lead and mentor team members. You will work intimately with our Product and Design teams to craft experiences of which we can be proud.  You will also be in charge of directing our client-side architecture towards a modern service-oriented approach.




– Have 4+ years experience building performant, secure applications in HTML/JS/CSS

– Have strong git fu

– Have experience/belief in writing thorough unit tests, with knowledge of common testing  frameworks (Mocha? Jasmine? Another personal fave? Sell us on it!)

– Have experience developing for the mobile web (We’re not talking laptops.)

– Have experience with Extreme Programming and/or Agile development methodologies

– Can talk our ear off about why you prefer the built-in dev tools in Chrome/Safari/Firefox

– Have a deep knowledge of native Javascript, and a preference for it over relying on  jQuery (though jQuery knowledge is necessary)

– Have strong semantic markup skills, with a belief in minimizing DOM nodes while maximizing  awesomeness

– Have familiarity with client-side MVC frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, or Backbone

– Have familiarity with SASS, SMACCS, Object Oriented CSS, etc.

– Have experience developing and/or maintaining front-end build systems (Grunt, Gulp)

– Have experience with Node.js (experience with Express is a plus)

– Have familiarity programming with back-end Web/MVC frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Spring,  Django, etc.)

– Have an understanding of SEO best practices  (Bonus: You can get us to the top of DuckDuckGo results.)

– Have familiarity with industry-standard analytics tools like comScore DAX, Google Analytics,  Chartbeat, etc.

– Have experience with continuous integration development