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[JOB] Midwest Creative Technologist job opportunity at Google, in Detroit or Chicago!t=jo&jid=92705001&

We have an internal creative agency-like team called The ZOO, and we are looking to hire a Creative Technologist in the Chicago or Detroit office. Job description here.

The ZOO is an agency-like team within the Global Google Sales organization. Here we help brands maximize the creative power of Google’s platforms and technologies. The ZOO is home to all types: From creative experts and strategists, to technologists, account directors and producers, we do it all. Working side by side with Sales and Marketing teams, we help our colleagues inspire, consult and educate their clients. And with our concentrated collection of artistic and technological kills, we help top brands around the world push the boundaries of Google technology.

As part of a team of Creative Technologists, you will generate a forward thinking tech-based vision for the ZOO. You’ll regularly be called on to deploy your creative and technical skills on huge projects for top advertisers. In some cases you’ll be refining existing ideas or prototypes for key pitches. In other instances, you’ll have the opportunity to dream and develop cutting-edge creative technology concepts that redefine interactive storytelling. Want to tell brand stories in a whole new way? Come check out the ZOO.