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[JOB] Teaching Opportunities in Interactive Media at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai

Teaching Opportunities in Interactive Media at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai
NYU Shanghai’s Interactive Media Arts and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Interactive Media programs are looking to hire faculty for the Fall 2015 academic year. Application  deadline January 31st, 2016.
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NYU Abu Dhabi Interactive Media and NYU Shanghai Interactive Media Arts

We are looking for a number of applicants for faculty positions at NYU Shanghai’s Interactive Media Arts and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Interactive Media programs.


We share common goals across campuses, work closely together, and with ITP and NYU’s Integrated Digital Media program. Each program is part of a larger undergraduate universities. We like making things, and proudly continue the hands-on ITP philosophy (including hosting end of semester shows!). Both schools are brand new 4-year colleges (Abu Dhabi is in its 6th year, Shanghai in its 3rd), both occupying new campuses designed specifically for them.

With all of our similarities, there are a few differences in the way the schools and programs are unique from each other.

IMA in Shanghai is a program with more than 240 students passing through each semester. The program is the second largest major in the school with 58 declared majors and 27 declared minors. The student body of NYU Shanghai is diverse with a 50% local Chinese National population and the other half coming from around the globe. Our student body is currently at approximately 700 students, but will rise to 1100 next year. IMA is currently the only Arts major in the school.

IM in Abu Dhabi is a multidisciplinary concentration with 90 students a year. There are around 800 students total, and are quickly ramping up to 2200. The student population is wildly diverse, with students coming from around the world. The program is housed in Arts & Humanities, but has reach into Engineering, Science, and Social Science.


Foundation Courses:
There are two foundation courses in each program : Interaction Lab/Intro to IM (a combination of Intro to Computational Media and Intro to Physical Computing) and Communications Lab (a variation of the old ITP foundation covering basic web development, digital imaging, sound, video, and animation.)

Elective Courses:
We try to be experimental and diverse with our elective courses. Example courses In Shanghai include: Animation: Traditional Techniques & Contemporary Practices, Collaborative Design, Collective Methods, Communities and Net Literature, Creating Immersive Worlds, Chinese Cyberculture, Developing Web, Expressing Data, Introduction to Robotics, Making Maker Education, Paper Arts, Rapid Prototyping, Shanghai StreetFood and Urban Farming, Solar Solutions: Considering the Sun in our Digital Futures, Talking Fabrics, Unmanned Aerial Storytelling, and User Experience Design. In Abu Dhabi : Fundamentals of Music Technology, Art Performance and Social Practice, Experiental Video Art, Mashups: creating with web APIs, Network Everything, Play, Tools, Mobile Media, Communication and Technology, Applications of New Media, and a variety of self directed studies.

These are new and rapidly growing programs. Any applicants need to wear a number of hats:

  • teach our foundation courses.
  • teach interesting and advanced production courses.
  • in addition to teaching, people need to be excited to work with our fantastic international undergraduate student body and be dedicated to their learning.
  • a genuine desire to contribute to these start-up endeavors and the rapidly growing programs.


NYU Abu Dhabi is looking for:

  • Multi-year non-tenure track positions.
  • All positions come with a 2/1 teaching load, as well as university/program service.
  • One of these positions is for the head of the program, which includes budgeting, planning coursework for the upcoming years, managing staff, faculty and student workers, as well as interfacing with the A&H cabinet and divisional dean on a regular basis.

NYU Shanghai is looking for:

  • Positions between 1 and 3 academic years (August 2016-May 2017) with a 2/w teaching load, as well as program service.
  • Semester long positions (Fall/September-December 2016, Spring/February-May 2017) this includes teaching 2 courses + program service.
  • Seven-week positions (September-October/November-December, February-March/April-May), which includes teaching 2 courses + program service.


Both sites offer:

  • competitive wages paid in local currency (AED and RMB)
  • travel stipends
  • housing
  • relocation assistance
  • health insurance
  • assistance with procuring visas.


Please upload the following at the bottom of this page :

  • A cover letter
  • Current CV
  • Proposals for 2 electvive courses
  • Contact information for 2 professional references



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  • twitter: @NYUAD_IM
  • facebook (requires NYU email address)
  • flickr
  • for additional information email Scott Fitzgerald:


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  • wechat: NYUSHIMA
  • for additional information email Marianne Petit: