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CALL Artists for Rockaway 2 Festival

MoMA PS1 is sponsoring an art festival this summer on Rockaway Beach (the Rockaway 2 Festival) and their 2016 Intern Collaborative Project is looking for artwork by millennials “that explores the dialectic between technological enlightenment and environmental alteration” to feature in a special exhibition there.




The Intern Collaboration Project (ICP), spearheaded by the 2016 interns of MoMA PS1,

is organizing an exhibition for MoMA PS1’s upcoming Rockaway 2 Festival. The

overarching theme of the festival is the tension between man’s desire for nature while at

the same time altering it. It will feature artworks lying at the intersection of nature and

man’s impact on nature. The aim of the ICP’s exhibition at the festival is to examine the

direction of contemporary art from the perspective of Millennials, a generation that has

grown up saturated with digital technology . It will feature millennial artwork that explores the dialectic between technological enlightenment and environmental alteration.


We believe that the artistic potential of Millennials is grounded in their familiarity with

both visual culture and technology and that this is contributing to the everchanging

definition of contemporary art. Millennials grew up at a time when the world became flat.

They are continuously fascinated by the diversity of their global neighbors. They grew

up using networked technology to view each other’s work and to work together. Rather

than building walls, Millennials strive to build bridges. Unfortunately, the emphasis on

technological advancement as a way to improve the quality of life has often come with a

steep cost to the ecosystem.


The goal of the ICP is to bring the unique perspective of Millennials to MoMA PS1’s

Rockaway 2 Festival this summer by involving emerging artists from different parts of

the world. Specifically, we will select artworks by six international artists works

which will sit side-by-side with the work of more established artists at the Rockaway 2 Festival. We are seeking artwork from multiple disciplines, ranging from sound installations to sculptural pieces, which contextualize the Rockaways by responding to the history of the site. Artwork will be selected based on the extent to which it will attract an audience that is curious about the ways in which contemporary art is interacting with the environment in diverse and innovative ways.


The festival will be located on Rockaway Beach, Queens not far from Manhattan and run for three weeks in July. Given its proximity to New York City, Rockaway Beach is an ideal site for international artists to showcase their ideas.


The link for the previous MoMA PS1 Rockaway Festival:


Please send your proposals to Maria Koblyakova ( ) by

March 24, 2016.