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INTERN: Assistant Creative Producer, Psyche Media, unpaid

Company Name:
Psyche Media, LLC

Company Overview:
Psyche Media is a boutique firm based in Soho, New York City.  We
specialize in creating realistic and engaging virtual environments and
content for education, tourism, fashion, and entertainment.

Company Website:

Job/Internship Title:
Assistant Producer, Creative

Job/Internship Description:
The Assistant Producer will work closely with the creative director on
several aspects of the virtual reality creation process.  From
capturing and production to maintaining equipment, to photography
assignments, preproduction organization and retail inventory, the
Assistant Producer will be engaged in various aspects of the workflow.

If an internship, what specifically will an ITP student learn?:
Virtual Reality Creation is an intensely multidisciplinary process,
interweaving film production, cinematography, production design, 3d
programming, visual graphics and graphic design, and even game
programming all into one field.

Students will learn how about the virtual reality creation process,
including how to use powerful software tools and hardware tools.  They
will be given tough assignments but will always have the guidance and
support of a studio professional on hand.

Required Skills:
No skills are required; just a positive attitude.  But the following
are extremely helpful:

Production Track Helpful Skills

1)  A good eye; knack for visual design and/or production design
2)  Photography experience and understanding and experience taking
still photos and how to operate a still camera.  Adeptness with
cameras and machines a plus
3)  Good fashion sense, sense of narrative and scripting

Postproduction Track/Visual Design Helpful skills

For programmers, visual graphics artists/interns interested in being
tracked into postproduction, experience in any of the following
software programs is a big plus: adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator,
adobe after effects, maya, 3ds max, unreal engine, unity, C++, C#,

Type of Position:

Compensation Package (if applicable):
This is an unpaid internship possibly leading to a paid position.
There is no compensation for the duration of the intership, but there
is a travel stipend and there are weekly cocktail mixers and a monthly
bbq for interns to socialize with people from other companies in the
NY area.

Weekly Hourly Commitment:
Minimum 10-15 hours.  M, T W/TH

Academic Term:
Fall 2016

Application Instructions:
Apply online at:

Send Resume/Portfolio of past work along with a short statement of why
you want to work for this company, your availability