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JOB: Design Technologist at Stamen

Stamen is an award-winning design and technology studio in San Francisco whose work has a significant impact on the field of online mapping and data visualization. We are looking for a skilled interactive developer who is excited about the intersection between design and technology roles to work at our busy Mission District studio.

Stamen is lucky; we get to work on a wide variety of projects for clients all over the world. We are committed to maintaining a constant state of learning, both about our tools and about the world. We want to continue to work with people who know a lot—and are excited to learn even more. You’ll be working with a small team of designers and engineers led by a creative director who looks to you to make his ideas feasible. You’re excited by the possibility of cutting and bending data to fit it through the thin straw of the internet.

About you

You’re up for the excitement of a continuous flow of new projects, and you mix creative re-use with trying new things. You’re able to work well with multiple inputs from a variety of sources: creative direction, technical direction, production expediency, and client feedback. You’re friendly and courteous, good at finding ways to have fun under the pressure of deadlines, ready to sell your approach but also OK with our clients having the final say.

You’re comfortable working in vanilla Javascript and libraries such as Leaflet, D3 and React to build responsive and delightful interfaces. You will not just implement designs, you will be an essential part of the design process, and you’ll occasionally find yourself working on backend systems.


-Work closely with designers, project director, and other developers
-Work with data artists and others to implement interfaces that will work on all modern browsers on a variety of devices
-Communicate directly and clearly with clients
-Know what the best thing is to be doing at any given moment or to ask if you’re unsure


-Expert knowledge of JavascriptCSS, and HTML 5
-Strong understanding of D3Leaflet, and Node.js
-Experience making sites that perform well and follow best practices
-Design and UX sensibilities
-Comfortable with both verbal and text-based communication (whiteboarding + Slack)

-Ability and experience with estimating projects and budget awareness
-You’re comfortable handling mutiple projects at once

It is also important that you

-Are familiar with Heroku
-Have experience with React
-Have familiarity working with ES6.

-Have an opinion about front-end build systems (or lack thereof)
-Have worked with clients
-Have experience contributing to open source projects
-Have done things using OpenStreetMap
-Like maps & data visualizations (a lot)

Nice to have

-Experience working in ESRI
-Knowledge of WebGL

Tangible benefits

-Full benefits package
-Up to 5 weeks vacation / year
-Work with a group of talented people for whom designing maps and data visualization is a passion as well as a career
-Get paid to learn new things

Intangible benefits

-Surround yourself with plants, art, and maps
-Work in the Mission, eat great food every day
-Stamen is not a tech startup and there are no tech bros here

To apply, email with a cover letter and links to your portfolio, GitHub account, and anything else that will show us your work live on the Internet.