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JOB: Summer STEAM Specialists, Camp Hudson

Summer STEAM Specialists
Camp Background
Camp Hudson3 is a STEAM summer camp for grades K-3 in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY in Westchester.
Located at Andrus on Hudson with its 26 acres of wooded paths and grassy fields, Camp Hudson3 is run
by Curious-on-Hudson, a STEAM enrichment program, and Hudson Lab School, a new project-based
elementary school. Camp Hudson3 offers a fun, relaxed student-centered learning environment.
Students engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities while
addressing real-world challenges. At Camp Hudson3
, instructors and counselors function as facilitators.
They guide students through the problem-solving process and help students plan projects that lead to
mastery of content and STEAM proficiency. For more information, check out our website
Tinkering Project
In true Curious-on-Hudson style and in the spirit of Gever Tully’s Tinkering School in San Francisco, we
spend each week on a collaborative group project. Kids discuss, ideate, design, build and test an
ambitious tinkering project that captures the excitement and fun of invention!
Maker Space
Indoors Curious-on-Hudson’s Maker Space will offer kids a choice of activities including (but not limited
to) art, coding, storytelling, circuitry, reading, robotics, maze building and Rube Goldberg machines.
Connecting with Nature
Outdoors we take advantage of the wooded trails, grassy fields, and a wee garden. In the wooded
groves, we build shelters, create adventurous games and explore the natural world. The open field
areas support games of play that support the maker/user philosophy including a greenhouse made
from recycled materials or a Quidditch game played with student-made Quidditch sticks. In our garden,
children get down and dirty with food and learn about sustainability.
Job Description
You are…
• A natural teacher or instructor, camp counselor or leader
• A creative science, tech, math, engineering, or arts person
• A maker or tech lover
• A person who enjoys being outdoors
• An actor, performer, and life of the party
• Looking for summer work with fun people
• A cool person that kids, parents, and coworkers love to be around
Summer STEAM Specialists
Specialist Roles
We are seeking two Summer STEAM Specialists: One for our Maker Space and one for our weekly
Tinkering Project. Both of these Specialists will work with one of our area Program Managers to guide
and support K-3 students, help develop curriculum and new activities, and help coordinate events and
organize spaces.
• The Maker Space Specialist will work with children on hands-on making projects like paper
circuits, taking things apart and soldering. Other possible activities include coding in Scratch,
art projects or storytelling projects using multi-media or just plain paper and pencil.
• The Tinkering Specialist will be a heavy-duty maker working with a variety of materials in
creative construction projects and guiding groups of children in the design process: Project
ideation, designing, building and testing.
You’ll love this role if you
• Want to have a positive impact on kids
• Want to share your love for technology and making
• Dig a relaxed, casual, and fun work environment
• Enjoy inventing, problem solving, collaborating and pursuing success with a team of people
Dates and Times
This position will start on Wednesday, June 21. Camp runs from June 26 – Aug 11. Work is from
Monday – Friday, starts at 9 am and finishes at 5 pm. We will be closed for the July 4 holiday.
• You’re a creative and energetic person who likes working with kids and exploring new ideas
• You have experience leading kids in an experiential learning setting such as school, summer
camp, after-school programs or museums
• You have experience working with kids
• You have excellent communication skills and are comfortable communicating with children and
their parents
• You’re committed to empowering children as the main protagonists in their own educational
• You have good organization and management skills
• You’re responsible, punctual and reliable
• You have a strong work ethic
Summer STEAM Specialists
• You’re a lifelong learner
• You are joyful
• You are resilient
• You have a sense of humor
• For the Maker Space Specialist, you should have interest and experience in designing and
creating things, e.g. coding, electronics, robotics, Minecraft, crafting or some other way you
entertain yourself and others with your creativity
• For the Tinkering Specialist, you should be a resourceful and capable “maker”, i.e., you can
work with a variety of materials in creative construction projects. You should have experience in
building and design. You should be able to encourage creativity in others while steering a
project, ensuring safety and participation by all. You enjoy employing methods of construction
that can work with young people, including use of recycled/repurposed materials and hand-
built projects.
Job Type: Summer full-time
Salary: $15.00 to $18.00 /hour
Required age: Must be at least 16 years of age
Required experience: Teaching, Class Instruction or Camp Facilitator
If most or all of this sound like you, we want you to come and join us at Camp Hudson3
. With “Summer
STEAM Specialist” in the subject line, please email a CV or paragraph about why you’d be a great
Maker Space Specialist or Tinkering Specialist. Please send to Cate Han at