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CALL: Eyebeam Residency

Residency Call Now Open

The Eyebeam Residency is a prestigious award for artists engaged with technology and technologists working in the arts.

Residents experiment for one year in the Eyebeam studios located in Brooklyn on interdisciplinary projects with the goal of invention and impact, and receive a generous stipend for their open-source projects.

Our Theme: Trust

Eyebeam’s open call focuses on trust, building on our investigations into power in 2016.

As institutions lose credibility, people are placing their faith in new myths. Multiple publics are in constant negotiation and agitation. It is critical to design methods for critique, communication and coordination towards a more open, inventive and just world.

Hito Steyerl (Artist)
Vanessa Rhinesmith (Mozilla Foundation)
Craig Newmark (craigslist)
Clementine O’Connor (UN Paris)


Deadline: March 29th 2017, 11:59PM EST.