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JOB: Temboo senior PHP Developer and Senior Hardware Embedded Engineer

Temboo’s hiring. They’re looking for a senior PHP developer and a senior hardware embedded engineer.

Hiring Blurb:
Temboo, is hiring for a bunch of positions in NYC. They are an interesting technology startups in New York, they provide a software toolkit that empowers people to build an amazingly diverse range of physical computing systems at the intersection of hardware, software and human aspiration.
Their product touches a lot of different industries and hitting on some interesting trends. They have customers in everything from life sciences and farming, to energy, aviation and manufacuring, and engineers of all sorts (civil, mechanical, electrical etc) are incorporating the technology into their work, acquiring new skills along the way. On top of all of that, their toolkit has been organically adopted in over 80 universities around the world by people looking for a better way to teach students.
They’re hiring engineering managers, engineers (embedded, back-end web), designers, biz dev, and marketers. You can check out the positions here: