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CALL: NYC Open Data Week, Data Through Design

As part of New York City’s Open Data Week, Data through Design is now accepting submissions for our exhibition. We invite artists, designers, coders, technologists, engineers, architects, and citizens alike to submit their proposals for the event. All submissions should use at least one of NYC’s open datasets, available through Open Data Portal.
The theme of our event will be 8 Questions for the City. Each submission will be asked to propose one question about life in New York City and use stories found in data to answer it. Potential topics include environmental justice, political or social issues, infrastructure and accessibility, diversity in the city, immigration, and urbanization and quality of life. Collectively, we aim for these submissions to help us find greater insights from a cumulative whole and understand what emerges from data.
The mission of Data through Design and Open Data Week, a city-wide endeavor by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, is to encourage a wider knowledge of New York City’s open datasets and how these resources can enable better public understanding of what is happening in NYC’s neighborhoods, schools, streets, and parks. The exhibition is co-organized by the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI) at Pratt, CARTO, Enigma, and will be hosted at the Made in NY Media Center.
The deadline to submit a proposal is February 2nd and the exhibit will run from March 2nd (opening reception) to March 10th. Please see our poster for more information: