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JOB: ESI Design, Full-time, Senior Technical Producer



Looking for: Senior Technical Producer

Job Description: ESI Design is seeking an experienced Software Producer to join its team as a Senior Technical Producer. In this role, you will help build ESI’s software development capability & manage the teams active projects.

Responsibilities: The role is perfect for someone who draws personal satisfaction from building & creating a new offering, is passionate about emerging technology, facilitating innovative work & establishing process.

Minimum Qualification:

The position requires the ability to plan and lead a multidisciplinary development team that serves as a center of ESI’s Media Production and Creative Technology departments. A broad knowledge of both front-end and back-end software architecture and development platforms is a crucial component to the role.

Preferred Qualification:

5+ years experience as an interactive producer or directly related experience

Working knowledge of software and dynamic media development practices and platforms such as HTML5, CSS/JavaScript, TouchDesigner, Cinder or OpenFrameworks

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Has experience developing cost estimates & budgets

Knows how to scope both large and small productions & develop project plans

Is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, managing unknowns juggling multiple small projects at once

Passionate about emerging tech & process development

Demonstrates flexibility in addressing complex problems

Ability to draw from a diverse skillset and collaborate with designers, coders, consultants & technologists

Is a proven team leader with management experience

Please submit Cover Letter, Resume to 

See posting here.