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JOB: Malmö Universitet, Full-time, Lecturer in Interaction Design

Malmö Universitet

Full-time, Lecturer in Interaction Design with focus on Interaction Technology

General information about Malmö University
Since its inception in 1998, Malmö University has grown into the country’s ninth largest institution of higher education with 25,000 students. Its education and research programmes are distinguished by their multidisciplinary, problem-oriented approach and social relevance. The university offers students a range of programs and courses in five faculties: Culture and Society, Education and Society, Health and Society, Odontology, and Technology and Society.

The Faculty of Culture and Society
The Faculty of Culture and Society is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes the School of Arts and Communication (K3), the Department of Global Political Studies, the Department of Urban Studies and the Department of Language and Linguistics.

School of Arts and Communication (K3)
K3 is a multidisciplinary school with approximately 80 employees and 1,000 full-time students. The school’s education and research deal with media, design, art, culture and society and it plays an important role in the Öresund region’s cultural life. K3 conducts international education at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level as well as doctoral programs within the research area New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression. There are degree programs in subjects such as Interaction Design, Media and Communication Studies, Graphic Design, Product Design, English Studies, and Visual Communication. The school also offers a large number of independent courses. Link to K3

Interaction Design
Malmö University offers a full range of degree programs in Interaction Design, including Bachelor, Magister and Master as well as PhD. The faculty represents a broad scope of research profiles, performing at levels of international excellence in areas such as embodied interaction and physical prototyping, design for social change, game studies, sonic interaction, and interaction design theory and methodology.

The duties consist mainly of planning, teaching, and examining courses in Interaction Design, mainly at the basic level and advanced level but other courses can also be included. This specific position also includes planning, teaching, and examining specific courses in programming, physical computing and digital prototyping. Educational development work, own research and cooperation with the surrounding community are also included in the tasks. Course and program responsible may be included. The position also include administrative duties at the department, as well as participation in institutional activities and participation in the educational development work.

In order to qualify for adjunct lecturer at Malmö University, the candidate must have:
•A Masters degree in the area of Interaction Design or Human-Computer Interaction, or equivalent academic merits or other professional competence of relevance and importance to the post advertised.
•Pedagogical skills

In order to qualify for this position, the candidate also must have:
• Ability to teach in English.
• Documented competence in teaching and pedagogical development in interaction design education programmes.
• Documented competence in: Javascript ES6+ and contemporary web technology (responsive design, media queries, CSS transitions), visual rapid prototyping tools such as Marvel

Selection criteria
Assessment of candidates is based on their degree of experience and proficiency with respect to the qualifications listed above.

  • Pedagogical and technical qualifications are the two main qualifications.
  • Documented competence in teaching technology related to interaction design
  • Skills also relating to physical computing – electronics, microprocessor platforms are considered a strength.

Contact information
Head of section Gunnar Krantz,
For general employment and procedural questions, contact Anne Olsson, Human Resources:

You apply through Malmö Universities’ recruitment system by clicking the button “ansök”. It is your own responsibility that your application is complete with all required documentation according to the adverted position. Your application must have arrived no later than 2018-02-25

The application should contain the following documents:

  1. A complete résumé,.
  2. Copies of relevant certificates.
  3. A statement on pedagogical philosophy and intent.
  4. A statement highlighting scientific, pedagogical and other activities of particular significance for the position.
  5. A list of scientific and pedagogic works
  6. Copies of selected scientific and pedagogical works (up to five in each category).
  7. References
  8. If applicable, a portfolio

Qualifications can be documented with guidance from Malmö University Qualification portfolio for teachers / researchers at Malmö University:

Additional information
The position is a full time, temporary position for one year. At Malmö University individual salary negotiations apply.

Starting date
Starting at the earliest convenience or by agreement.

Union representatives
Saco-S, Rebecka Johansson,
OFR, Martin Reissner,


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