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Climoji, Paid Temporary, Designer/Illustrator/Animator


Paid Temporary, Designer/Illustrator/Animator

The Climoji team is looking for an emoji designer / illustrator & animator to work with us on creating the second set Climoji – A series of emoji about Climate Change.

About Climoji :

Climoji are a set of emoji intended to raise awareness about some of the most important environmental issues of our time. The icons depict starving polar bears, flooded people, dying penguins, trash, smog and more.
These are available as sticker packs – on iOS and android devices ( with over 8,000 users ) – to use in text messaging and communication on social media.
How does one grapple with the privileges, angers, and sorrows of a climate-changing life? With Climoji, the unspeakable is textable. Hijack the era’s cartoonish vernacular to send playful messages that are provocative, disturbing, and disarming. Climoji are not about getting beyond the choir. They are about finding one’s voice.
– Howard Silverman, systems/resilience consultant

About You :

Beginning March 2018, team Climoji is working on a new set of emoji.
Our first set faced “the state of things,” and this new set is about “Resilience.”
We are looking for a collaborator skilled in illustration (and possibly animation),  to make icons (and possible animated gifs) for the apps.
You must have experience working with emoji, and your body of work must exhibit the required skills. This is a great opportunity for designers who want to help us develop a new means to facilitate conversations around climate change. It is also a great opportunity for those who love emoji:)
This is a paid position. The illustrator will work on a set of 15-20 climoji. The estimated duration of the project will be March 15 – end May 2018.
Tell us a bit about yourself and send us relevant samples of your work (links to your website or jpeg attachments) to before Feb 28th 2018.


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