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JOB: Oblix, Full-time, VR UI/UX Designer


Full-time, VR UI/UX Designer

Job Description:

We are seeking a VR UI/UX designer to fill a full-time role at Oblix. We are building a new way to explore the world, using a combination of 360° panoramas, 3D maps, and avatar-based social interaction. Our ideal candidate is passionate about the social implications of VR, and has experience designing interactive 3D worlds.


● Brainstorm with the product and engineering teams to come up with new features

● Create detailed storyboards for new features

● Work closely with the engineering team to prototype and implement new product features

● Design end-to-end user flows

● Translate concepts into wireframes that lead to intuitive user interfaces

● Create 2D images/textures to be used in VR

● Design and model basic geometry for interaction prototyping

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