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CALL: Visual Design Project

Hi ITP crew,

I have an interactive project coming up, and I’d love to hear from anyone who is experienced with creating digital, interactive content.
The concept and vision for what I’m looking to create is described below:

Visual design should mimic elements of nature in an abstract way (ex: water waves, tree branches, sun rays, etc) which will transform the organic pattern in an ethereal, surreal and inspiring way and move/transform in sync with various music patterns, tonalities, BPM, etc.  I foresee the visuals also changing and responding to the audience movement in real-time.   The goal is to inspire, create a sense of balance and bring awareness and explore the relationship between the human internal environment and the external environment of the natural world.
For anyone interested in contributing to this project, please reach out to as soon as possible.
Would also love contributors looking to stick with the project and evolve the concept in a variety of impactful ways.
Looking forward to hearing from you.