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CALL: Smart Garments/IOT/AR Fellowship

Smart Garments/IOT/AR Fellowship at Pratt

Are you a product designer, fashion designer, computer scientist, textiles materials expert, coder or AR/VR expert interested in wearables? The TEK-TILES 2018 program is now open for applications for a ten week summer project that will bring together a team highly creative “Masterminds” to work alongside the BF+DA’s apparel production team to invent products that integrate technology into smart garments and functional textiles. Find out more about TEK-TILES 2017 here.

This is an amazing opportunity to work across professions and work with experts in knitwear and apparel production, create new materials and structures and design product that serve humanity.

The Masterminds will be assigned to one of four core projects:
-New Materials and Structures
-Sensing and Connecting
-Adaptive Clothing + Technology

Find out more here.