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CALL: NYU Production Lab and VICE Collaboration

The NYU Production Lab and VICE want to help you tell your story. We’re looking for Gen Z voices who want to master VICE’s distinctive storytelling style. Learn how to shape bold stories, build trust with your subjects, and craft a pitch that will sell from VICE producers.

Over the course of the spring semester, students will attend workshops, shoot footage, build pitch decks, and receive real time feedback on their work.

You do not need to have formal training, but you will be expected to get your hands dirty, work with new people, and contribute to the production of content. Current students from all schools and programs are encouraged to apply.

If you’re hungry to make short-form documentary content, meet new collaborators, and receive mentorship from industry pros, apply today!

Click Here for the Application 

Application / Interview

Two-part process: (1.) Students will submit application (2.) Production Lab will select students to participate in second round, video interviews

The video interview will be used to also figure out what students want from the program, skill set

Production Lab will select between 16-25 students to participate in program

  • Session 1- Friday, March 1 – Developing a Story

  • Session 2 – Friday, March 29 – Refining and developing ideas

  • Session 3 – Friday, April 19 – Pitch/Proof of Concept Prep

  • Session 4 – Thursday, May 2: Pitches

Prior to each workshop students will be asked to submit an assignment the week prior to the workshops so that VICE staff will be able to review.  One person from the Production Lab or VICE will be assigned as the point person for each student team. VICE will aim to have 6 to 7 employees at each workshop.

Click Here for the Application