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CALL: ZeroSpace Installation

ZeroSpace Installation


A new format of art space combining interactive theater, new media art and illusionist techniques to create a groundbreaking experience unlike anything ever seen before. The concept takes place on an alien, non earthly environment.


Located in the heart of Manhattan, The space is made up of several interconnected chambers featuring 21 ft ceilings, making it an ideal home for both intimate and large scale art installations.


We are seeking artists/collaborators to create installations that are technology focused and interactive in nature – so that patrons become​ “part of the art/experience”​ – rather than just passive observers pushing the boundaries of perception.

We are open to reviewing submissions of existing works that may be fitting to the overarching themes and narratives, or the proposal of a new piece.

We are interested in works that include the following:

  •  Projection Mapped Spaces
  •  LED work in new and creative applications
  •  Interactive Walls/Floors/Objects/Installations
  •  Biofeedback/ Movement Sensor/ Camera Technology Integration
  •  Interactive Light & Sound, Image and Kinetic Sensor Installations
  •  Multi User Interaction/Collaboration
  •  Optical Illusion/Forced perspective Art

Works will be licensed for a period of one to two years​ (projected exhibition period is 1 year)

Artists will be paid a fixed fee:​ budget proposals should be inclusive of transport and installation.

Artists are expected to cover their own travel, living, and accommodations expenses, unless otherwise negotiated in writing

We will provide onsite technical support and project staff for installation and pre-production needs as required

All proposals must include detailed list of labor, equipment & power needs if applicable


Proposals Due:​ 02/22/19

Notification/ Selection:​ 02/26/19

Submit Signed-NDA: Upon Selection

Design & Development​: 02/26/19-03/26/19

Artist Installation/Build​: 03/26/19-04/20/19

Please submit your proposals of installations/works, including a detailed budget projection to