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JOB: Office of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Part-Time, Administration

I have an opening for a new graduate assistant position in my office and was hoping you could help spread the word. The position is for a combo graphic designer and office admin, will be 20 hours per week, and pays $20/hour for the entire academic year with the option to continue during summer and AY 2020-2021 as long as they are a continuing student. I thought maybe some of your creative Tisch students, especially the ones taking classes here in Brooklyn, might be interested. Would you mind passing the below job description around to students or faculty who might know someone? Students can apply on Handshake using posting number 2891492. Due to the nature of our work, I would really love a non-Tandon student so a Tisch grad student would be perfect!

Brittney Anne Bahlman

Director, Student Affairs and Student Activities
Office of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Office of Student Activities & Resource Center
New York University Tandon School of Engineering
6 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201