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JOB: Hamilton College, Technology Developer

Hamilton College

VR/AR/Immersive Technology Developer/Programmer

  • This individual will work collaboratively across disciplines supporting faculty and staff as they integrate VR/AR/Immersive Technology learning experiences utilizing our Educational Goals such as Aesthetic Discernment, Creativity, and Disciplinary Practice (see Hamilton’s full Educational Goals at
  • This individual will work broadly supporting the introduction of creative technologies across the college curriculum. This role will be involved in creative experimentation in the scoping and implementation of collaborative projects. Possible learning experiences might include collaboratively developing a multi-channel mixed live video and augmented reality installation in Hamilton’s Wellin Museum; incorporating artifacts from Special Collections and Archives into virtual or augmented presentations; or developing virtual or augmented presentations associated with live performance.


  • Work with others in support of new modes of creative expression and representation, by exploring emerging tools and technologies.
  • Develop virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies as learning experiences with faculty across the curriculum.
  • Develop and manage workflows and technologies in support of immersive and mixed reality curricular and co-curricular activities in a team based environment.
  • Collaborate with experts across campus and routinely with professionals in Library Information and Technology Services.
  • Develop students’ understanding of how to work within and produce immersive technology experiences.
  • Document work and communicate outcomes to professional and lay audiences.
  • Facilitate understanding of the affordances and limitations of augmented and immersive technologies.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, graduate degree preferred
  • Minimum of two years experience in professional practice

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