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JOB: Dance Visualization Research Assistant

Job Title: Dance Visualization Research Assistant
Job Description:
AMPED Lab (Prof. Yoav Bergner) in the program of Educational Technology at NYU Steinhardt is seeking to hire a senior undergraduate or graduate student to write interactive apps to capture and visualize dance movement. This is an hourly position for ~10 hrs/week (negotiable) this Spring 2020 semester.
The Data Literacy Dance Literacy (DL2) project is a collaboration between researchers in educational technology, dance education, and human-computer interaction. We are developing curriculum and technology to learn data literacy through the study of dance in school and after-school programs. The effort includes multiple faculty members, doctoral students, and masters students in arts and arts education.
The scope of work for the student involves writing web applications for capturing and visualizing simple motion from dance and for simulating such motion according to some rules and parameters (e.g., moving in a circular pathway while facing outward, or moving in a random pathway with another dancer.)
The ideal candidate would have some experience with Kinect sensors, OpenPose or PoseNet for skeletonization from video, programming interactive apps, and some shell scripting. Scripting would be used in setting up automated workflows so that, for example, sensors are turned on and web apps launched automatically when the system is started or video can be imported into a visualization environment.

Dates: Feb. 15 — May 15Rate: $22/hr
Please send a brief cover letter describing your interest and relevant experience, resume/cv, and (if available) the name of a reference from prior work as a research assistant to