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CALL: Interactive Media Lab at UNSW Sydney

The Interactive Media Lab at UNSW Sydney’s Faculty of Art & Design will be offering a PhD scholarship in computational creativity funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant entitled “An interaction model for human–machine creative collaboration”. The project examines the potential of modes of dialogic interaction in co-creative systems; systems that support human creativity with AI.

The role of the PhD student will be to apply dialogic co-creative technologies to a specific creative domain, both developing applied systems and testing them using design research methods. They will be working with a cross disciplinary team of developers and design researchers.

The candidate should be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the fundamentals of computational creativity, strong programming ability, an understanding of design research methods, and expertise in either music or design — but note that strong candidates with a background in any relevant specialist creative domain will be considered.

The candidate will be based at the Interactive Media Lab at UNSW’s Faculty of Art & Design at their Paddington Campus in inner Sydney. The faculty is Australia’s largest community of artists and designers and hosts 4 pioneering labs working at the intersection of art and technology: the Interactive Media Lab, the Creative Robotics Lab, the 3D Visualisation and Aesthetics Lab and the Extended Perception and Interaction Centre (EPICentre). The candidate will also work closely with colleagues at the University of Sydney’s Design Lab, a leading research centre working at the intersection of design and computation, and industry partners such as Uncanny Valley, one of Australia’s leading studios for TV music production.

Oliver Bown (University of New South Wales, Art & Design)
Kazjon Grace (University of Sydney, Design Lab)
Project partner investigator: Dan Ventura (Brigham Young University, Utah)

If interested, please reach out to: Oliver Bown <>