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CALL: Mozilla, Fix-the-Internet Lab

Mozilla is running a “Fix-The-Internet” MVP Lab this spring:

It’s an amazing opportunity to build a simple MVP over 8 weeks while getting weekly support for your projects from kick-ass product+engineering mentors. Projects are 100% yours. $2500/person stipend + cash prizes. 

“Fix-The-Internet” is focused on re-imagining how we live, interact, and work in the world using the internet where the focus in on the people first, not profits.  Themes below:

1. Collaboration & Society

2. Decentralized Web

3. Messaging & Social Networking

4. Misinformation & Content

5. Surveillance Capitalism

6. Artificial Intelligence

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March 25, 2020. Dear friends, Covid-19 is upending all of our lives. You may not be able to engage with us today. Please join us when you’re ready… or jump in today. This program is completely online, and will not be affected by the Covid-19 crisis. All activities, incl. office hours etc, are completely online.
The internet’s amazing, weird, sometimes a little icky. Let’s face it: it could use some fixing. Are you a student, coder, designer, creator who wants to help us build new services and platforms that foster collaboration during this crisis, or put privacy first, or combat filter bubbles and polarization, or AI platforms that work for the end user, the citizen? Mozilla’s Fix-The-Internet MVP Lab is an 8 week-long incubator-style program this Spring to mobilize & fund around products and technologies that enable everyone to connect and build a better society.

Want to learn more about our Fix-The-Internet Topics? Register to join our next Live Q+A, on Thursday, April 2 at 8pm ET. Also, join our Mozilla Builders Slack channel and visit the Fix the Internet Github Issues page to discuss ideas and find teammates.

Come build with usAPPLY NOW for our Spring MVP Lab if you want to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your idea this Spring. We are looking for products in the following areas:

  1. Collaboration & Society, particularly in view of the current global crisis: (i) Foster better collaboration online, (ii) Grassroots collaboration around issues & emergencies, (iii) Local & neighborhood support networks, (iv) Supporting small businesses, (v) Social money-pooling for issues, people & businesses.
  2. Decentralized Web: build a new, decentralized architecture for the internet from infrastructure, communications, media & money using the blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies.
  3. Messaging & Social Networking: can we build a new way to communicate online that favors privacy, people, and users’ interests? What needs to evolve?
  4. Misinformation & Content: ideas for services that help us get beyond polarization, filter bubbles and fake news.
  5. Surveillance Capitalism: whether it’s big tech or governments, everyone’s collecting your data. How do we put the user back in control of their data?
  6. Artificial Intelligence that work to benefit communities and citizens.

If you’re not quite able to dive in this Spring, check back here soon for all the details for the Summer Startup Studio. If you’re new to Mozilla, make sure to check out our manifesto.

We are an equal opportunity organization and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.