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JOB: SendThanksNow, Full-stack Developer

SendThanksNow (STN) is seeking full stack developers to help build a more grateful world. In particular we are looking for
“artist-engineers” who can help us iterate our product and take it to the next level. Since launching our beta platform, STN has
been rapidly growing our community of users. We believe that everyone deserves thanks and we need your help to pay it
Senior Engineers will be responsible for quickly learning our current stack and helping to determine new components, design,
and build. We are experimenting with multiple avenues including augmented reality, gamification, and encrypted
communication. As multiple positions are available, not all skills and languages are required for every role.
We are seeking energetic, creative, team players, who will work “startup-hours” to help bring our offering to the world. These
individuals must be self-starters with vision, who collaborate side-by-side with our founding team to shape the product. All
positions will begin immediately as monthly consulting engagements with the hopes of transitioning full time employment.
Hearts Ventures Inc. (d/b/a SendThanksNow) is bringing the world a new offering: Gratitude as a Service. Our products gamify
the giving and receiving of thanks and positivity. Gratitude is one of the few things we can always use more of in the world. Until
now, there was no specific digital space to engage in the pure form of one of the oldest gestures in society. SendThanksNow was
created to enable users to give personally and directly to the people they care about most. Today, given the COVID-19 global
pandemic, we are focused on sending thanks to essential workers and institutions. Often these are the people and places that
deserve our thanks the most, but get it the least. In other words, we are here to make sure Gratitude Finds A Way.
Learn more here:
Characteristics we look for in a teammate:
● No task too small
● No hour too early
● No hour too late
● High performing
● Entrepreneurial
● Collaborative
● Empathetic
● Organized

● Ambitious
● Articulate
● Attentive
● Adventurous
● Curious
● Comfortable with
● Sense of humor

● Team player
● Likes to have fun!
● Thinks outside the box
● Interested in a new world
plays a central role in
society and social

Skills/Languages (note: not all criteria applicable to each position)
● JavaScript
● React Native
● GraphQL

● Augmented Reality
● Game Development
(e.g., Unity engine)

● User Experience focused
● Creative both with code
and design

Ongoing Expectations
● Participate in daily team huddle unless notified of absence in advance
● Regular communication with STN Team
● Design and adhere to product and marketing sprints
● Flexible and agile work methodology to accommodate our moving target
● Report to Chief Technology Officer

All interested candidates please email

● In one month, you will have a full grasp of our current stack and iterated within during the first sprint on our team.
● In two months, you will have contributed to the design and execution of the next level of the product.
● In six months, you will own a product within the platform offering and will have contributed to the shared vision of the
company roadmap.
● In 12 months, if not sooner, you will be managing a more junior developer in your domain expertise.
Compensation: Competitive salary + early stage equity