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NYU Gallatin Digital Learning Assistant

(Telework Position)

Job Description: 

As part of NYU Gallatin’s initiative to make the most innovative and effective teaching and learning technologies available to our faculty and students, we are hiring two (2) Graduate-level students to serve as Digital Learning Assistants (DLAs), starting as early as 9/2/20, for a period of 16 weeks, with the possibility of reappointment. These positions will be remote, teleworking positions, so candidates must have a stable internet connection and a computer, laptop, or iPad/tablet that will enable them to work from home.

The DLAs typically work with faculty and students to design and implement pedagogically-driven projects using digital platforms, tools, and resources in order to facilitate collaborative, experiential, and active learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of DLAs has primarily focused on supporting faculty in the use of NYU Classes and Zoom, which we expect will continue to be the case. The DLA will also help maintain digital learning resources for Gallatin, perform accessibility audits and remediation, and help organize and lead workshops promoting digital teaching practices. 

Applicants should be interested in integrating technology and pedagogy for the benefit of students and faculty, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students with teaching experience are especially encouraged to apply. Gallatin Digital Learning Assistants will have the opportunity to work closely with some of Gallatin’s faculty, staff and students, and to receive extensive training and experience in a highly marketable skill set.

The Gallatin Digital Learning Assistant will be paid $20.00/hour. It is expected that DLAs will work 10 hours per week. DLAs report directly to Jenny Kijowski, Educational Technologist at NYU Gallatin.

NYU Graduate students in all disciplines are welcome to apply for the position.  Applicants must be currently registered full-time students in good academic standing.

Digital Learning Assistants will be expected to:

  • Work closely with faculty to integrate technology into the curricula and assignments.
    • Train and support them in use of NYU’s digital platforms, including, but not limited to NYU Classes, Zoom, Google Apps for Education, and NYU Stream;
    • Identify and suggest various forms of technology suitable to meet the goals of each class;
    • Attend, participate, and/or lead portions of some class sessions, as requested by faculty;
    • Hold regular weekly appointment slots for faculty, staff, and students;
    • Perform accessibility audits and remediation, provide training and documentation to faculty, staff, and students on accessibility practices according to NYU’s Web Accessibility Policy;
    • Other duties upon request.
  • Work with students to complete their digital projects.
    • Train and support them in use of NYU’s digital platforms and third-party applications and tools;
    • Advise and mentor students on their use of tools for educational purposes, at their request;
    • Assist them in locating and evaluating media services, research tools, and databases on the Internet.
  • Attend remote events associated with specific courses and Gallatin-wide interests;
  • Participate in ongoing training and attend regular meetings with members of the Educational Technology team at Gallatin;
  • Prepare training documents, FAQs, and other ed-tech support materials for students, faculty, and DLAs.


  • Interest and experience in digital teaching and learning
  • Excellent communication skills: DLAs must be able to create meaningful dialogues with faculty from various disciplines with different needs
  • Experience with NYU Classes, NYU Zoom, Google Apps for Education, and NYU Stream, amongst other tools (training provided)
  • Experience with accessible web design a plus (training provided)
  • CSS and HTML preferred
  • An exploratory, DIY spirit when it comes to experimenting with emerging technologies
  • Ability to multitask
  • Detail-oriented

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to Jenny Kijowski at

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates must address the specific job description outlined here; canned cover letters will not be considered.